Money-Back Guarantee

Who does not love a Money-Back Guarantee?


First, if your on this page we are sorry that things did not go as planned.

However, this may just help out.

Your covered under this gaurantee if:

#1. An item was not arrive to your door step.

#2. An item did not match the description provided by us in a listing.


Your not covered if:

#1. Any other reason besides the 2 mentioned above.

#2. Any Shipping Related injury to the package or loss. We (you and I) must deal with this loss directly to the shipper.


Money Back Time Line

Our Guarantee has an expiration date. That is 5 days from the time you received it. Please be prompt to avoid any problems with this issue.


What to do to take part in my Guarantee

Simply Contact us using our Contact Form page and write Guarantee on the top of the message section. Be sure to check the box “Send a copy of this email to yourself” so you have a record of the email sent.

Then wait for a response and be prompt on the return emails to ensure your within the 5 day time limit.