Our Trust and Commitment Factor!

So you are wondering why you should trust us to bring you a great buying experience?

That is a great question.

You Can Trust Jaffaary because:

We have been a member of the Ebay community for years with great Feedback, and gaining more ground every day.

We feel it is time to branch out on our own a little bit to give our customers a better deal. So tell your friends, neighbors and workmates about us. FACT: The more we grow the better the deals get!

If we are not committed then you are not happy!

We learned a long time ago that when we are not commitment to you, then you the customer is not loyal to us. It is a 2 way street. Loyal customers mean that they will return to our shop even just to browse on a regular basis to get the great deals we offer. Loyal customers also mean that they feel comfortable with contacting us in any form. Email, facebook, ebay messages, phone are some examples.